Happy trails visit to MMU

This was the day that year 3 of St Mary’s C.E. Primary School came to visit the university. Most children never had the chance to experience a big open space such as a university before and the Birly campus is still very new and modern so it was an amazing experience for the children. I got the chance to record their expressions on the ipads and they were blown away by the unusual design of the building. When the children first arrived they had the chance to go up the lifts, which they mostly enjoyed especially since it was transparent so they liked looking at the view from the different heights.

The year 3 class then went up to complete their booklets and to see if more information could be added to make them look as colourful as possible. It was fascinating watching them draw some amazing drawing. That made me think about my initial meeting with Happy trails when I found it very hard to think of things to draw. I also felt that sense of embarrassment in case it looked too “silly”. However, the children just got stuck in and some of them added other elements to their books such as bits a string with information attached to it. once all the booklets were complete the children then had a chance to decorate and write a postcard to Piccadilly gardens. The messages were lovely to read and the purpose of this was to show that we all have some history with Piccadilly gardens and Catherine stated that one day in the future the class will be bringing their children along to this space.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 23.49.58

The second half of the day was going around the university starting right from the top floor and going down the stairs to see the space from different angles and viewpoints. The children said they loved looking down from the balcony from the different flights of stairs. They also described what they could see below which was computers and lights. After the tour of the building we went to the Spanish steps, the children were really excited to try out the side of the contrasting stairs. Some of the children thought the big steps were for big giants which would be right in the world of BFG. On the steps the children then got to showcase their work in a sort of art exhibitionScreen Shot 2017-05-12 at 23.51.37.png where they described what they drew.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 23.50.23




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